Academic Teams

Why Teams?

Young people go through more rapid and dramatic changes during the years between ten and fifteen than at any other time in their lives. Early adolescence is a time of tremendous variability among students: they grow at different rates intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally, and morally. With young adolescents, the achievement of academic success is highly dependent upon their other developmental needs being met. Education has responded on a national level to the needs of these young adolescents through the creation of an educational structure that responds to this unique developmental level.

At the middle level, both students and teachers are grouped into teaching "teams." Each team consists of an average of eighty students, with four to five core academic teachers. Within the team structure, mathematics, language arts, social studies, science, (world language for grades 7 and 8) and reading skills are taught. Our School Counselors follow the progress of each student closely and conduct activities designed to help each student learn more about how they learn. The school psychologist, social worker, reading and math specialists, special education teachers, and instructional assistants all contribute to student learning and serve the needs of emerging adolescents.

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