Digital Applications

Digital Applications Teacher

Kelli Cauffman

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Course information:

  • 6th Grade Digital media
This foundational course will prove 6th grade students with a basic understanding of professional software bundles and various online tools used in higher education as well as in the workforce. From coding a multiplayer video game in Scratch to building a community mobile app in Google Slides to designing a 3D world in CoSpaces, this class will let students demonstrate their creativity and innovation while using technology to enhance productivity. Students learn to combine multiple skills with a variety of technological tools to develop critical thinking, problem solving and perseverance.
  • 7th Grade Video and Audio Production

Students will learn the proper techniques in producing professional graphic designs, audio recordings and film productions. Topics of study include design, composition, camera angles and movements, lighting, storyboarding, scripting, editing, proper microphone techniques and creating special effects. Software used in this course includes Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects, as well as iMovie and Garageband. Students will have the opportunity to pursue their specific are of interest. Classes will take  place both in the computer lab and in our broadcast studio. Students will have the opportunity to serve on the crew of Puma News (our school's news show) and/or on Puma Press (our school's online digital magazine).

  • 8th Grade Programming

Students in Programming will learn the science behind block and text-based coding. Beginning in the Scratch environment, students will learn how to build code to create animations and video games. These preliminary skills will be advanced by transitioning into developing basic apps for Android phones and tablets. Depending on individual interests, students can then chose to study CS topics such as Java Script, Python, HTML, creating augmented or reality content, learn advanced programming in Unity or Blender, and /or build a programming/Vex Robotics kit. In addition to providing a personal learning environment, this course will strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as foster creativity, collaboration and reflection, through a major final self-selected project, which may include advanced programming topics or skills developed in prior Digital Applications course.