Social Studies


6th Grade: Global Studies

Students investigate world issues thematically and geographically with a focus on Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Oceania. Students will examine current events through the lens of the Global Goals and the impacts on human and earth systems; as well as exploring local and global issues by collaborating with others to develop inquiries into innovative solutions. Students use digital tools to connect with learners from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, engaging with them in ways that broaden mutual understanding and learning. Additionally, there is a focus on the priority standards the curriculum committee committed students to practice and master in 6th grade reading, speaking and listening, writing and inquiry skills throughout the year.


7th Grade World Cultures: The Western Hemisphere 

7th grade World Cultures allows students the opportunity to investigate and explore our world through both content (often based off of the students’ own questions) and skills.  In terms of content, students, using the lens of geography, will discover, appreciate, explore and connect to the history, economy, government and culture of the many different regions of the Western Hemisphere, including Central America and the Caribbean, South America and Europe.  Skill wise, the focus on ten priority standards allows students the opportunity to practice and master 7th grade reading, speaking and listening, writing and inquiry skills throughout the year.  Specifically, students will closely read and analyze both primary and secondary sources (non-fiction texts, images, videos, etc.), participate in a wide range of collaborative discussions (ex: “fishbowls”), and produce clear and coherent informational (ex: a natural disaster infographic) and argumentative writing (ex: Europe inquiry project) to diverse audiences. 


8th Grade U.S. History I 

Students will study United States History, to develop historical writing, research, and analytical skills while exploring America’s rich history from the earliest European immigrants through the Civil War. Students will take a multi-disciplinary approach to American History, incorporating geography, economics, and civics to promote a deep and comprehensive understanding of historical events. A strong focus of this course is on fostering inquiry skills and supporting the English/Language Arts curriculum in developing strong, confident writers.  Inquiry-based projects include a Colonial Study/Comparison, Western Expansion and its impact geographically and culturally, and a study of the evolution of slavery over this time period.