Communication Methods

William J. Johnston Middle School communicates with parents/caregivers and students in a wide variety of ways to keep everyone updated on information and all school activities. Although some communication necessitates paper, using technology to its fullest potential not only saves our environment but also alleviates the costs and time associated with assembling mailings.

The following is a list of electronic communication methods that WJJMS employs. Links may be followed for methods, many of which are links to the William J. Johnston Middle School website for more information.

Digital Backpack

  • The Digital Backpack is the most comprehensive source of information. Items run for three weeks, and you may click on previous editions as an option as well. The Digital Backpack is updated and posted weekly on the WJJMS website. A link is then emailed home each week.

Monitor Slides

  • Along the Main Street corridor in William J. Johnston, we have a scrolling screen that projects slides of past celebratory highlights, current information, and near future opportunities within our school community for all to view.


  • Naviance is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. Students at WJJMS are introduced to Naviance and utilize its workings through Bacon Academy.


  • PowerSchool Mobile App (District Code - HPWB):

    Apple IOS


  • To create a Parent PowerSchool Portal Account, attain your WEB ID and Password from the WJJMS office at 860-537-2313. 
  • The PowerSchool Bulletin is a cascading calendar available for students and parents/guardians alike.

Puma Press Broadcasts

  • Live Stream via students
  • Pre-recorded via students


  • The SchoolMessenger Notification System provides email text, and phone call communications and emergency notifications to parents and staff members. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date in PowerSchool.

  • Text (SMS) Message Alerts:
    Parents will not receive early morning telephone calls. We will send text message alerts. To opt-in to receive texts, simply text the word YES to #67587. We will still continue to call you for unscheduled early dismissals. The number that you will receive text messages from is #67587.   


  • Twitter is used to release timely information on a wide variety of topics. Many teams, CPS groups and teachers have twitter accounts as well. Our official Twitter accounts are:

WJJMS: Mr. Bennett@WJJMS

  CPS District: @COLSchools

  Beta Social Studies: @betasocialstudy

  Omega: @wjjmsomegaT

  Innovations: @KNgaiSci

  LMC: @mlanemedia

  Digital Applications: @KelliCauffman

  WJ Productions: @wjjmstech


  Zeta Mu: @zetamurocks2018

WJJMS Events Calendar

  • The William J. Johnston Middle School Events Calendar tracks school, club, and community events that occur at WJJMS. WJJMS Events Calendar. The WJJMS Events Calendar also has an export function.